About me

I am a French Computer Vision researcher currently working as a Postodctoral researcher in the IHSEV research group of IMT Atlantique, Brest, France. I am working on the KERAAL project whose the main goal is to develop a robot coach for rehabilitation exercises.

My research interests are mainly focused on the study and the analysis of depth images, 3D videos, elastic shapes, human body motions, and their applications in computer vision, like activity recognition.

I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Sciences on December 2015. During my PhD thesis, I worked 3D Human Behavior understanding from RGB-D cameras. I have made my PHD in collaboration between the 3D SAM research group of the CRIStAL Laboratory, University of Lille 1 and the MICC research group of University of Florence, under the supervision of Prof. Mohamed Daoudi and Prof. Pietro Pala.

From December 2015 to August 2016, I was a Postdoctroral researcher in the 3D SAM research group of the University of Lille 1. I was mainly involved in the MAGNUM project about human behavior understanding by body and face analysis.

I joined the IHSEV research group on october 2016

Last updated on November 2017


IHSEV Research Group
Email: maxime.devanne (at) imt-atlantique(dot) fr
Tel: 02 29 00 14 59

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